Screws & fixings


AbbreviationDesignationDIN standardsISO standards
HHHexagon head screw – Partially or fully threadedDIN 931/933 ISO 4014/4017
HSCHHexagon socket cylinder head screwDIN 912 ISO 4762
HSCSHHexagon socket countersunk head screw DIN 7991 ISO 10642
SCHSlotted cylinder head screwDIN 84ISO 1207/1580
SRCHSlotted raised cylinder head screwDIN 85 ISO 1207/1580
SCSHSlotted countersunk head screwDIN 963 ISO 2009
SRHSlotted raised head screwDIN 964 ISO 2010
HSGHexagon socket grub screwDIN 913ISO 4029
TRThreaded rod - standard length: 1 metreDIN 975
NULock/Cap/Flange hex nutsDIN 934 / DIN 985( Freins)ISO 4032
WAWashersDIN 125 / DIN 127Freins(nylstop)ISO 7089
StudsDIN 938

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ACNIS International has a very wide range of titanium screws and fixings suited to the demands and requirements of the relevant application areas: Oil and gas, nuclear, chemistry, water treatment, motor sports, etc.

We ensure quick deliveries in France and abroad from our large stock of grade 2 and grade 5 screws and fixings in all the forms mentioned above (nuts, hexagonal head screws, hexagon socket cylinder head screws, washers, threaded rods, studs, etc.).

Apart from standard fixings, we are also able to respond to your requests for a drawing-based quote.

Titanium is a metal that exhibits excellent corrosion resistance, good ductility under normal temperature conditions and a higher specific resistance (tensile strength/density ratio) than that of aluminium or steel, for example.