ACNIS International has decided to offer its customers a range of powders: titanium, stainless steel, iron-based, nickel-based, atomised by today’s best manufacturers.

GradesLaser Beam MeltingElectron Beam MeltingLaser Metal DepositionNorms
Titanium Ti6Al4V
15-5 PH
17-4 PH
INCO 625

At the beginning of the 21st century, some promising new technologies are emerging, which may give rise to a technology gap

Additive Manufacturing, one of the seven core components of the industry of the future, is a key issue in the development of parts manufacturing processes in the various sectors in which ACNIS International is a leader, such as medicine and aeronautics.

In its quest for development, ACNIS International always pays attention to its customers and to market changes, so it was important for it to be active in this area.

Today, access to this technology and the availability of materials are still challenging, both in terms of implementation and accessibility of the various materials. For this reason, ACNIS International is working with technical institutions and bodies to be as closely involved as possible with these technological developments, and to monitor their technical and normative aspects. It also wants to be as responsive as possible , providing new solutions that meet customers’ needs.

Because of its history, ACNIS International is positioned to be a supplier for metal additive manufacturing, an area that involves several technologies:

  • HIP (Hot Isostatic Pressing)
  • CIP (Cold Isosatic Pressing)
  • LMD (Laser Metal Deposition)
  • EBM (Electro Beam Melting)
  • SLM (Selective Laser Melting) ou LBM (Laser Beam Melting)
  • MIM (Metal Injection Moulding).

Each of these technologies uses metal powders with different characteristics.

The main characteristics of metal powders are:

  • Particle size distribution
  • Sphericity – roundness
  • Fluidity or flowability
  • Density

The different powders we offer are produced by gas atomisation. This technology produces high quality spherical powders.

Sifting and packaging of our powders are carried out in strict compliance with environmental standards.

In terms of particle size distribution, the ranges we offer comply with the requirements of the different manufacturers of machines and metal additive manufacturing technologies.

Each product is supplied with a certificate that contains all the essential information for the configuration of the different machines and technologies.