Looking for a grade and/or form that is difficult to find, or do you have a question about deadlines or quantity?

ACNIS International’s experience means that it benefits from a wide network of partners for the supply of raw materials

If you are looking for a particular product, grade or form, ACNIS International will try to find it for you.

Send us all the information about the product you are looking for (grade, specifications, drawing, standards, etc.) and we will try our best to send you a quotation as soon as possible.


Thanks to our wide range of machines, we offer numerous cutting services.

Our cutting service, which is unique in France, enables us to cut your products (titanium, stainless or alloyed steels, copper, aluminium, etc.), sheets, plate (up to 800 mm), forged parts, bars, billets, ingots, etc. into unit parts or batches, in a simple or complex form within a very short timeframe.

Our various customers in the fields of oil and gas, aeronautics, aerospace, weaponry, etc. have placed their trust in us for over 15 years and have chosen us for their day-to-day cutting needs.

Our EN 9120 quality certification, our daily quality management and our constant monitoring enable us to offer the highest cutting quality over tens of thousands cutting operations each year.


Do you have a technical question concerning our products?

Which grade should be used? Which heat treatment? What degree of hardness is achievable?

These are all issues we can help you with, thanks to our technical team and the expertise of our metallurgical engineer.

Please send your query to the following address:, and we will be happy to advise you.


DBP MAYET offers a complete service for the surface treatment of your stainless steel and titanium.

  • 70 employees across three treatment sites for stainless steels and titanium (Lyon and Bordeaux)
  • 30 years of industrial experience
  • A regional proximity service within a national organisation
  • A certified quality, safety and environment management system
  • ISO 13485 Certification

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